Have you ever felt uncertain about your personal and business vision? Are you making decisions based on your values? Are you consciously creating the lifestyle you want?

I have found that through coaching, you gain clarity, motivation, flow and fulfilment. By overcoming limiting beliefs, enhancing self-confidence, and creating an action plan, you unfold a life of purpose & passion that you truly want to live.

During our coaching I will facilitate conversations and ask you powerful open-ended questions that enable you to enquire and discover your own answers. It is a thought-provoking and creative process.

I actively listen to understand the essence of your communication without judgment, and move you forward, with awareness, towards what you want. Once you know what you want and believe in it, it is about trusting in the process and consciously focusing your thinking on it: Your’e re-identifying with yourself.

My style is not prescriptive or cookie-cutter in style, but is an organic approach that is flexible which works with you for you to find your voice, to trust in yourself and to develop yourself and your business.

During this transformative coaching process you will gain understanding about perception, beliefs, values, vision, goal setting and profiles. You will learn to observe your state, inspire and empower yourself.




Gain clarity about your life vision, your mission expressing how you want to live your life, understand your purpose to fuel your motivation and live in alignment with your core values as your commitment to your way of being.



Clearly define what you want for your business vision, USP, style of conscious leadership, mission, values, purpose and your company culture. These will filter throughout your business, which will be the backdrop for decisions in all aspects of your business.



Designing a conscious lifestyle, being more fulfilled and balanced, increasing leadership competency, feeling supported by and connected to your partner, family, team and being more creative, motivated and seeing opportunities. Your wellbeing is vital for your sustainable energy.


The purpose of Leadership Coaching is to enhance your personal MANA.

MANA is an extraordinary power, presence and charisma. When in flow all life is enhanced and invigorated.

Leadership coaching is designed to empower YOU to be, to do and to have what you want for your LIFESTYLE.

Gain clarity about your life vision, your mission expressing how you want to live your life, understand your purpose to fuel your motivation and live in alignment with your core values.

Develop your conscious leadership style through identifying who you are now and who you want to become. 

Conscious leaders who are more fulfilled and balanced increase leadership competency. Your personal wellbeing is vital for your sustainable energy.

Lifestyle Coaching is to inspire you to design the style of life you want to have.

Your values, your resources and your goals are aligned to motivate you.

Lifestyle coaching is designed to have you flip things upside down, to look at your core value and create from it.

Speak from the heart and have you feel alive.

Living consciously instead of automatically. Set your goals considering all aspects and impacts of your life; yourself, family, intimate relationship, health, culture, community, environment & financial.

Business coaching focuses on profit and growth whereas lifestyle coaching focuses on creating from your core value and making the profit to achieve living in alignment with your vision and your values.

Business Coaching is designed to focus on the creating and the doing of the business.

Develop systems and manuals for all aspects of the operation of your business. Including customer experience, team roles and cashflow forecast. The structure, planning, USP, business style and working plan.

Define your vision, mission, values and company culture to clearly express your brand and company culture.

I will inspire you to celebrate your success and learn from the mistakes. It takes courage and trust to embark on a new journey. I will partner you through the changes as you grow your business

Blending your leadership, business and lifestyle coaching to ensure all aspects of your life are considered.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

—George Bernard Shaw


“Change the way you look at the things and the things you look at change”


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